Ocasio-Cortez ‘Astonished’ by Pro-Trump Note Outside of Her Office, Here’s What People Are Saying

Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants people to know that at least one of her supporters also supports President Trump.

The bizarre admittance came after the New York Congresswoman claimed she found a note outside of her office where she lets “people leave well wishes.”

“About an hour ago, I was walking out of my office for the day,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “There was a man what I believe was his teenage son hanging a small sign they made outside my office.”

“Astonishingly, his sign read: ‘Trump supporters for Ocasio-Cortez,’” she added.

As BizPac Review reports, the tweet was followed by a lengthy thread where she encouraged voters to vote their values, no matter the politician running. She claimed her own victory is a sign that candidates can win with votes, not just special interests.

From the report:

She and the president boast completely opposite worldviews. Whereas he believes in free-market economics, for instance, she believes in socialism. And whereas conservatives in general believe in resolving alleged climate issues through technological innovation, she believes in resolving them through top-down government intervention. Yet the man allegedly supported them both.

Puzzled by the dichotomy, AOC then pressed for an explanation: “With all respect sir, how do you manage to support both of us at the same time?” she asked.

“I’ve been saying for years that climate change is our most important crisis. You’re one of the only ones who‘s been willing to be decisive on it,” the gentleman allegedly replied. “I like you. I can tell that you are genuine and fighting for us. You’re real and you get it.”

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What’s even odder than the man’s conflicting views is how Ocasio-Cortez chose to use this information. Instead of perhaps using it as a call for unity, she seemed to exploit it to push back against the growing belief that certain Democrat presidential candidates lack “electability.”

“All of this is to say don’t let any politician, no matter the party, lecture you about what is ‘possible’ or ‘electable,’” she wrote. “Don’t ever let a politician imply that working people are ‘less-than’ or ‘uneducated’ – aka that they are the ones in the way of solving the climate crisis.”

Several people online ripped the posts and contended that she made the whole interaction up:



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