Pro-Abortion Liberal Tries To Embarrass Her Pro-Life Followers, Backfires BIG-TIME

Sarah Tuttle-Singer, a pro-abortion liberal author with 15,000 followers on Twitter, took to the social media platform after Republican Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed into law a massive abortion ban.

Tuttle-Singer criticized the new law and said it “won’t stop women from having abortions.”

“They’ll find alternatives,” the author continued. “Many women will go under the knife of back-alley butchers, or use metal hangers in dirty rooms, or drink toxic herbs until they bleed out. Does that make you cringe? Do something about it.”

Tuttle-Singer then challenged her own followers to share something they have done personally to help “lower-income single mothers?”

More than 13,000 people responded to the tweet offering countless examples of how they support women in their communities. Take a look:


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