Breaking With GOP, Rep. Justin Amash Claims Trump Has ‘Engaged In Impeachable Conduct’

Republican Congressman Justin Amash took to Twitter on Saturday to express some major points of contention he has with his own party.

Kicking off a series of tweets, Amash said he believed Attorney General William Barr acted in the interest of President Trump when he “deliberately misrepresented” Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report.

The Michigan representative also said he believe Trump had “engaged in impeachable conduct.”

Fox News reports:

In another tweet, he referenced the constitutional language surrounding impeachment — “high crimes and misdemeanors” — as implying that the president only needs to violate public trust for Congress to consider his removal.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel responded to Amash on Saturday, accusing him of parroting Democratic talking points.

“It’s sad to see Congressman Amash parroting the Democrats’ talking points on Russia. The only people still fixated on the Russia collusion hoax are political foes of President Trump hoping to defeat him in 2020 by any desperate means possible,” she said in a statement provided to Fox News.

“Voters in Amash’s district strongly support this President, and would rather their Congressman work to support the President’s policies that have brought jobs, increased wages and made life better for Americans.”

Amash tweeted:

Here are my principal conclusions:

1. Attorney General Barr has deliberately misrepresented Mueller’s report.

2. President Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct.

3. Partisanship has eroded our system of checks and balances.

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4. Few members of Congress have read the report.

Fox News adds:

Barr has, for weeks, faced criticism for allegedly shielding Trump through congressional testimony and his summary of the Mueller report. Although the report did not conclude that Trump committed obstruction or conspired with the Russians, its findings have fueled Democratic investigations and led some to call for impeachment.

Impeachment, Amash indicated, was appropriate even in the absence of probable cause or a formal indictment.


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