‘Saw a Woman Walk Miles on Crutches to See Him’: CNN Panelist Defies Network, Explains Trump Will Win in 2020 ‘Landslide’

The Democratic Party and others affiliated with the Left are undoubtedly hoping the onslaught of pressure they have put on President Trump will pay off in 2020. All the investigations, the claims of wrongdoing, the calls for impeachment will lead to a Democratic win, they are wishing.

But, according to political activist Amy Kremer, the co-founder of Women for Trump, all of these attacks may be rallying the president’s supporters to come out in droves to support him next November.

She told CNN’s Chris Cuomo during Wednesday night’s “Cuomo Prime Time” that Trump supporters are tired of the attacks and have become emboldened to fight for their president.

This passion, Kremer predicted, will result in a Trump 2020 “landslide” victory.

“I want to say that I just came from Pennsylvania spending several days there,” she said via BizPac Review, mentioning the president’s recently held rally in the town of Montoursville, Pennsylvania. “I was outside of that rally on Monday night.”

Speaking of the attendees, Kremer continued: “Those people aren’t waking up worried about collusion, obstruction, impeachment. They are waking up across America worried about how they’re going to feed families and clothe families. Do they have jobs, can they put a roof over their children’s head.”

Kremer explained that she saw a Trump supporter literally go an extra mile for the president.

“I saw a woman walk several miles on crutches – I have a picture of her –  to see this president. Women with their walkers are going in to see this president,” she said.

“I predict, this goes on, this is going to be a landslide for this president,” Kremer contended.

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And, from the report:

Cuomo interjected with the argument that Trump is pursuing his own political interests and that the people coming out to the rallies are probably more interested in infrastructure than in his political agenda. Earlier Wednesday, the president reportedly walked out of a scheduled meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer which had been set to discuss an infrastructure budget.

Kremer fired back at Cuomo with a reality check, flipping his narrative on its head.

“Actually, you know what, at a luncheon yesterday they said they were tired of the attacks on this president,” she said. “They were tired of the witch hunt and they wanted it to end.”

The contentious interview continued as Kremer and lobbyist David Urban, a former senior adviser for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, battled with Cuomo over the political games Democrats continue to play in their attacks against the president.



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