GOP Rep Goes ALL Out On Russia Probe/Rogue FBI Agents, Says It’s Time To Go After Leakers Too

New York Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin launched a scathing red-hot rant on Saturday morning against members of the Democrat Party and all those within the Department of Justice and the FBI who may have acted improperly to take down President Trump.

Zeldin kicks off the tirade by saying Democrats who backed collusion claims between Trump campaign associates and Russian entities took a “massive leap right off the credibility cliff.”

“Russia meddling is a problem. The GOP has been raising red flags about it a long time before the Dems woke up to it. The leap though that somehow Pres Trump colluded w/ the Russians & that he should be removed from office for it was a massive leap right off the credibility cliff.”

The New York Congressman then said the DOJ and FBI had been “weaponized” by Obama-era officials, something that he contended should never be allowed to happen again.

“There was obvious misconduct by Obama admin officials with regards to how the Clinton email probe ended, the Trump-Russia probe began, etc. The justice system should never be weaponized like this ever again. Glad much of this info is getting declassified for the public.”

He continued: “Dems & former DOJ/FBI officials who were in certain top roles fall of 2016 still have ZERO interest in talking about & acknowledging misconduct & mischief at top of DOJ/FBI, including deeply troubling, clear as day abuse of FISA process to secure a spying warrant on a US citizen.”

And, “Regarding the unvetted, unverified dossier used to collect the FISA warrant, ironically enough, the Clinton campaign & DNC paid a foreign former spy to collect the dossier’s salacious & fatally flawed info from foreign sources.”

Zeldin said the disdain liberals have for Trump started before he was elected and impeachment talks happened as soon as Trump was taking his oath for office.

“I remember how big of a deal Dems & the media made in 2016 asking over & over again whether President Trump & Republicans would accept the outcome of the 2016 election,” Zeldin said. “It all makes sense now why. They weren’t going to accept the results if/when it ended up the other way around.”

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He continued: “As Pres Trump’s hand was on the bible being sworn into office, people lined Penn Ave w/ signs calling for his impeachment. He wasn’t even sworn in yet & there was nothing to impeach him for, but facts be damned, the resistance has always wanted him out from the get go.”

Zeldin contended that some Democratic members of Congress have become so consumed by the collusion claims that they have set aside their own credibility.

“Rep. Adam Schiff later said in Mar 2017 he had ‘more than circumstantial evidence’ that President Trump colluded w/the Russians to win the 2016 election. He still hasn’t provided that evidence, I haven’t seen it and Mueller couldn’t find it. Credibility continued collapsing,” Zeldin said.

“The pledge to resist, oppose, impeach & obstruct everything & anything is a dangerous one that started w/people who became instantly unhinged by the results of the 2016 election & this pledge since has become a rallying cry that many in Congress have gone all in for.”

Zeldin then turned his attention to Special Counsel Robert Mueller and theorized Mueller acted in a partisan manner to hide pertinent information until after the midterm elections.

“It was obvious a LONG time ago that President Trump didn’t collude with the Russians to win the 2016 election, but the DOJ/FBI refused to get rid of that cloud; in fact they only recklessly added to it. Dems & media eagerly played along,” Zeldin tweeted.

“Mueller knew before the 2018 midterm election that President Trump didn’t collude with the Russians to win the presidency, but withheld that info until after the 2018 election when the House flipped from Republican to Democrat. He should have released that info sooner,” he said.

Zeldin then argued Trump was not only the real victim in this situation, but a hero out to save America from the Democratic and deep state corruption.

“Pres Trump was not happy about any of this, knew better than anyone that it was all BS & wanted nothing more than to save our country from this insanity. He was eager to move on to governing, but the ‘resistance’ in Congress, media, & others in the US will never agree to that.”

Now, Zeldin argued, is the time for action: “It’s time for DOJ/FBI to move on to getting to the bottom of the leaks, FISA abuse, weaponization of the justice system & other misconduct. It’s time for Congress to move on working with the President however possible to move our great country forward.”


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