‘White Men are Everywhere’: CBS News Hosts Worry New Democrat Plan Could Hurt Women, Minorities

During a segment of “CBS This Morning,” called the “Talk of the Table,” the three hosts each shared a story they believed was leading to unintended and potentially disastrous consequences.

Host Tony Dokoupil opened the segment by talking about Democrat leadership’s new plan to maintain congressional incumbency.

As younger, new members are usurping Democratic veterans in primary elections (like Democratic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s triumph over top Democrat Joseph Crowley in New York’s 14th Congressional District), Pelosi has laid forth a plan to help incumbents remain in office against potential primary efforts.

The plan consists of preventing Democratic strategists and consultants from working with primary opponents.

“The policy is,” Dokoupil said, “no consultant can work with a challenger to that seat.”

The host said this plan will disproportionately keep younger candidates, women, and people of color from joining Congress.

“The idea is to keep the people that are in Congress—to make them stay in Congress. Here’s the problem,” Dokoupil continued. “Two-thirds of the people in those House [Democratic] seats are older, white men. The people often making the challenges are often female, often younger, [and] often people of color.”

“So, people are looking at this new policy and they are thinking it’s not a good look for the Democrat Party,” the host added.

Co-host Gayle King followed up the explanation, saying: “White men are everywhere.”

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Here’s more on the policy, from the Hill:

House Democratic leaders are defending a new policy that will exclude consultants who work for upstart challengers to Democratic incumbents from also receiving lucrative contracts from the party’s campaign arm, a move liberals are criticizing as an effort to rein in the rising energy of the progressive left.

The policy, laid out last week, requires consultants and strategists to pledge not to work for any candidate challenging a sitting Democratic member of Congress in order to be added to a list of approved vendors eligible to work for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

Liberal groups and members of Congress — including several who beat sitting incumbents to win their seats — have objected to what they deem a “blacklist.”

Here’s how some people responded to the comment:


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