Vox Writer’s Play To Ban Conservative Backfires Big Time

Conservatives on Twitter are rallying behind conservative pundit Steven Crowder who was recently demonetized on YouTube.

His demonetization, as Twitchy reports, is at least in part attributed to Vox writer Carlos Maza who went after Crowder’s account.

Twitchy reports, “Vox’s Carlos Maza took it upon himself to go after Steven Crowder’s YouTube channel because he got his fee-fees hurt.” The report adds:

At first, YouTube seemed to side with Crowder, calling it a debate of sorts, but then after more bellyaching, crying, gnashing of teeth, and tantrum throwing from Maza, they demonetized Crowder. Oh, and when they did that they went ahead and demonetized a bunch of other channels because they didn’t want to be giant hypocrites. Or something. So to recap, a Vox journalist may have literally destroyed the careers of dozens of innocent YouTubers just to try and silence Crowder.

One of those people who were affected was Ford Fischer, who Maza is now standing up for.

“What’s happening to Ford is f*****g awful,” Maza tweeted. “He’s a good journalist doing important work.”

Speaking of the platform, Maza added: “How can they not differentiate between white supremacist content and good faith reporting on white supremacy?”

But—as several conservatives were quick to point out—it was Maza who started this:

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