History Professor Said Illegal Immigrants Can Harm US Economy, Now Liberals Want Him Fired

A history professor in Georgia is facing calls for his resignation after he said illegal immigrants can have a negative impact on an economy—specifically illegal immigrants from Mexico hampering and harming the U.S. economy.

Fang Zhou, an associate professor at Georgia Gwinnett College outside of Atlanta, said if lawmakers do not stop rewarding illegal immigrants then more will come.

“If you are going to reward illegal immigrants, there will be more illegal immigrants,” Zhou told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Fox News reports.

Some people criticized the comment as racist in nature and called for his firing or resignation from his teaching position. Zhou, a legal immigrant from China, said he is unfazed.

“I am against political correctness,” Zhou said. “I speak truth to power in class and my students learn about the financial drain of illegal immigration on the economy and the high crime rates of illegal immigrants.”

“My students are ‘woke’ and are overwhelmingly against illegal immigration after taking my class,” the professor continued.

Here’s more from Fox News:

But Zhou told the paper he does not force students to share his opinions.

His critics, however, argue that many of Zhou’s assertions have been debunked and they object to some of the terms he uses in his comments, such as “libtards,” and “ghetto thugs.”

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One such critic, according to the report, is Georgia state Rep. Bee Nguyen, the first Vietnamese-American elected to the state’s House of Representatives.

Nguyen posted some of Zhou’s comments on Twitter this week and asked her followers: “Are these the values supported by Georgia Gwinnett College?”

See her tweet below:

According to Fox News, the college is not taking any actions against Zhou and said the public can judge his comments for themselves.

When asked for a comment, college officials reportedly echoed the school’s “academic freedom policy,” which allows faculty members to express their views “without fear of censure.”


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