Trump Just Triggered Liberals Across The Country With ‘Blank Piece Of Paper’

Speaking to a group of reporters outside of the White House, President Trump wielded a single sheet of paper and said it contained the details of the immigration agreement he made with Mexico.

Who knew the president could trigger liberals across the country with that single sheet of paper?

Shortly after the incident, journalists and other liberals took to social media outlets and vented out that Trump was lying about the deal—which they previously claimed was vague and lacking in specific policy changes.

“That’s the agreement everybody says I don’t have,” the president said as he waved the paper, BizPac Review reports.

“No,” the president said to a reporter who asked if he would read from the paper, “because I’m going to let Mexico do the announcement right now.”

“But here’s the agreement,” Trump echoed, with the paper in his hand. “It’s a very simple agreement. This is one page of a very long and very good agreement for both Mexico and the United States.”

Check it out, via BizPac Review:

Within minutes of this presser occurring, liberal “journalists,” commentators and activists rushed to their keyboards and began conspiracy theorizing yet again.

“POTUS holds up what appears to be a blank piece of paper claiming it contains the Mexican deal. Refuses to answer when I ask him to show us,” Karem tweeted.

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In fairness to him, he used the word “appears” to make it clear that he wasn’t certain. But not everybody who complained about the piece of paper being blank made this distinction.

Many others online did not offer that same reservation:

Of course, these people and others were dead wrong on the paper as it was not blank — it contained the agreement the United States scored with Mexico as the president said, BizPac Review reports.

Take a closer look:



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