Trump, Romney Could Find Common Ground On New Immigration Proposal (Report)

Republican Senator Mitt Romey may find himself in an unusual alliance with President Trump as the two seem to agree on the nationwide, permanent implementation of the E-Verify program—a database which allows all employers to search up a person’s driver’s license or Social Security number and whether or not they are eligible for employment.

“Hiring an undocumented immigrant is a federal crime,” the Washington Examiner reminds.

“Romney on Wednesday introduced the Permanent E-Verify Act, which would turn the E-Verify program into a permanent fixture within the U.S. employment system,” the Washington Examiner continued. “The introduction marks the first immigration item Romney has proposed since taking office in January, according to his aide.”

Romney said without the program in place, illegal immigrates are exploiting legal loopholes to get into the country.

“Congress needs to act now to address our illegal immigration crisis by closing legal loopholes and removing the magnets — like illegal unemployment — that drive illegal immigration,” Romney said via the Washington Examiner. “My home state of Utah has already taken a step to reduce illegal employment by requiring employers to use E-Verify. I urge my colleagues to take action on this important legislation to make E-Verify permanent, and continue working on long term fixes to secure the border, update our asylum and trafficking laws, and institute mandatory E-Verify nationwide.”

Here’s even more:

E-Verify initially rolled out in 1996 as a pilot program by the Clinton administration and is now administered by the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. It is set to expire at the end of September.

The White House is in the process of piecing together an immigration reform bill that has been reported as likely to include E-Verify. Trump has endorsed the policy but not moved on any executive action that would make it a permanent program or force companies to enroll.

Romney and Trump are known foes who have criticized each other since the 2016 presidential election. 

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The Federation for American Immigration Reform wrote in an op-ed for the Daily Caller that the E-Verify system could be swiftly and easily implemented across the country.

And, via the Daily Caller:

First and foremost, this program is neither confusing nor burdensome. In fact, it works in much the same way as a merchant swipes a credit card. It also safeguards employers by eliminating any need for them to become document experts. When an employer uses E-Verify, the liability of determining the legal status of an employee falls on the government, not the employer.

Additionally, the verification process is quick to learn and easy to operate. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the program’s managing authority, estimates that it only takes an average of 12 minutes to learn about, complete, assemble, and file the I-9 form. On the other side, E-Verify returns initial verification information to the employer within three to five seconds.



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