Dem. Congresswoman Makes Wild Claim About Abortion, Ted Cruz Responds

Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono shared a brief, but testy interaction during a hearing at the Senate Judiciary Committee when the two disagreed on how Congress was handling abortion.

As the Washington Examiner reports, the committee was discussing term limits for federal judges and members of Congress when the Hawaiian Democrat said Republicans were not doing enough to act legislatively on “many other issues” that Americans support “by a wide margin.”

Cruz came ready and dropped a few facts on Hirono. Check out this response:

Cruz sighed during her statement and prepared a response against Hirono’s objections that he add anything.

“Well, no, no, Sen. Hirono. If you’re going to make a statement, I’ll at least respond with the facts,” Cruz said. “The overwhelming majority of Americans support the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms and, when it comes to abortion, the current position of the modern Democratic Party, which supports unlimited abortion on demand, partial birth abortion up until the moment of birth, with taxpayer funding and no parental notification and consent. Nine percent of Americans agree with the position of today’s Democratic Party. That is an extreme, and out of step, position.”

Watch for yourself:

The Associated Press reports despite a majority of Americans identifying as pro-abortion, most Americans oppose third-trimester abortions:

Even most pro-choice Americans oppose late-term abortion, according to a newly released poll, putting them at odds with the Democratic push for state legislation removing barriers to third-trimester procedures.

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A survey conducted by with the pro-life group Americans United for Life found that 66 percent of U.S. adults who identify as pro-choice opposed third-trimester abortions, and 68 percent oppose abortions the day before a baby is born.

As expected, the opposition was stronger among all adults surveyed: 79 percent rejected late-term abortion, and 80 percent opposed day-before-birth abortion.

Watch the full hearing below:


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