Robert Mueller Agrees To Testify Before Congress — Exact Date Announced

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller is slated to appear before the House Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee next month following two subpoenas from House Democrats.

Mueller served an integral role in investigating President Trump and shared his finding in a final report that Attorney General William Barr released to the public. Mueller said he did not have any information to add to his final report, but House Democrats who have launched their own partisan investigations into Trump want to hear from him anyway.

The Federalist reports House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler wrote in a joint letter to Mueller which read, “The American public deserves to hear directly from you about your investigations and conclusions.”

“Americans have demanded to hear directly from the Special Counsel so they can understand what he and his team examined, uncovered, and determined about Russia’s attack on our democracy, the Trump campaign’s acceptance and use of that help, and President Trump and his associates’ obstruction of the investigation into that attack,” Schiff and Nadler added later in a public statement.

Here’s more, from the Federalist:

The subpoenas issued come after two months of negotiations between the committees and Mueller. Mueller initially expressed cooperation with lawmakers’ questions in private, but in a press statement one month ago said he was reluctant to publicly testify. His 448-page report was sufficient testimony, he said, and he “would not provide information beyond that which is already public in any appearance before Congress.”

But the Democrats wanted a public testimony.

“We will subpoena him if we have to,” Nadler said in a CNN interview in May.

According to the report, Mueller’s testimony will be a pivotal moment where he will have to put his integrity on the line: Should Mueller offer nothing to congressional Democrats then the Democratic charade was for nothing. Should Mueller concede information to the committees that was not in his final report, it would raise questions of why the information was not shared then.

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