‘Stupidity’: Trump Wrecks U.S. Immigration Law During Presser At G20 Summit

President Trump’s interest in ceasing illegal immigration was on full display on Saturday, during his appearance at the G20 Summit in Japan, when he answered a question concerning the border, mass deportations set to take place after July 4th, and United States immigration law.

Trump told the reporter that Mexico was doing a great job in their new handling of Latin American migrant influxes. Mexico was recently encouraged by Trump amid a tariff threat to do more to prevent migrants traveling from Central and South America to the U.S. and they’ve upheld their end of the bargain, Trump said.

“The reason Mexico is so good—because they have very, very tough immigration—they don’t have the kind of stupidity that we have where somebody touches one foot on our sand and we now have to bring them into a court.”

The president explained that migrants who come into the U.S. are processed and instructed to return at a later day for their court case so their immigration status can be properly assessed, but “no one comes back.”

“If you have a child it’s much easier to come into our country,” Trump continued, “so we have these kids who have been absolutely abused, horribly abused, & we could stop that with a minor change in the law. It’s a terrible thing that [Congress is] not doing it.”

The U.S. president also said he was committed to following up his initial plan to deport millions of migrants after July 4th. This date was pushed until after Independence Day when Trump gave Democrat lawmakers an additional two weeks to strike an immigration deal.

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