Eric Swalwell Goes After Biden With New ‘Pass The Torch’ Campaign Logo, Backfires Big Time

Former Vice President Joe Biden had a defining moment in the Democratic debate when he told his much younger colleagues that he was still mainstream and still holding the torch of the Democrat Party.

He said it is still his turn to lead the party and that is was not quite time yet, as Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker put it, to pass the torch to the younger generation.

Eric Swalwell, who is also running for the presidency, looked to seize on the “pass the torch” mantra and adopted it as his new campaign slogan.

Twitchy reports, “Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, the top-two polling Democrats in the 2020 race, we expected to dominate Thursday night’s debate, but Kamala Harris laid into Biden over his segregationist past, and Eric Swalwell — who somehow managed to earn a space on the same stage — could do no better than to praise Biden but urge him to ‘pass the torch.’”

Swalwell took to Twitter and said, “Pass the torch, @JoeBiden. It’s time for a new generation to lead.”

The slogan fell flat among many of those who responded to it, reminding Swalwell that he is still a long-shot candidate:

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