Retired NYPD Officer Who Is Running Against AOC Shares Legislative Agenda

John Cummings, a retired New York Police Department officer and current high school civics teacher, is looking to take on Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in her first re-election campaign.

During an interview with the Federalist, Cummings recently discussed his plans to take on the congresswoman and the legislative policies which he would offer forth as a representative of the 14th congressional district.

In the interview, Cummings revealed that he has been teaching high school civics in the local community for 21 years and said he would do a better job at listening to and adhering to the issues affecting it. The congressional candidate said Ocasio-Cortez and her predecessor (Joe Crowley) failed to represent the local community.

“And especially now, with AOC she doesn’t really address the local issues,” Cumings said. “She’s been in office for, more than 25 percent of her time is up, and we haven’t even got a mailing yet. So I was really concerned about the lack of local representation. And you combine that with the fact that I despise socialism and everything about it. It was time to jump in.”

“I think the representative needs to be much more present,” he added. “I understand I have to spend a lot of time in Washington. But, you know, it’s not like this district is in Oregon. You can get back and forth pretty quickly from New York to Washington by driving or whatever you have to do. And there’s just a serious lack of presence. I think that leads to a complete disconnect of what’s going on in the district, and there are some pressing issues here.”

And, as for which problems he would first address, Cummings said:

Education is always important, of course, as a teacher that’s an obvious one. But you know, infrastructure is a major concern we have.

We have huge problems in the Bronx, and Queens with traffic to the point where I think some of the roads are dangerous, not because they’re designed improperly, but just because they’re too crowded. We need to somehow alleviate some of the traffic, as I’ve mentioned, several ideas before.

The fact that, and a lot of people don’t even realize this, there is not a truck stop for truckers to use. Of course, they’re a key part of our economy. There’s only a certain amount of hours that these truckers can drive in a day. And they get stuck in massive traffic jams around the city. And then they have the time out, basically pack it up where they are. And that leaves trucks parked where they shouldn’t be.

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And that’s something that the federal government really needs to take a look at with this infrastructure project that’s supposed to be coming up. This major infrastructure bill is supposed to pass.

Another one was they are re-doing LaGuardia Airport, which is in our district. And it’s long overdue, and that’s great. But, what I think needs to be part of that project is, the looking into creating ferry service from the Bronx side of the white stone bridge. That way, people from Connecticut, people from Westchester, and people from the Bronx could park there long term. Just like you have long term parking at airports, but now you can jump on a ferry and drive right over to the terminals. And that will alleviate a lot of the traffic.

But I haven’t heard anything about this from the congresswoman at all. Like I said, we’ve got no newsletter, we’ve got no update, we’ve got nothing really a pressing issue for us here. I’m talking about local representation, common sense stuff, feet on the ground, feedback from the people, an office with a staff that’s open to people that you can just walk in and talk to people about your concerns. We don’t have any of that.

The congressional candidate affirmed that he had the backing of the Republican chairman of his district and recognized that he was the underdog in the election, saying: “I think that even though this district is 70 percent Democrat and it voted for Hillary Clinton 59 percent.”

But, Cummings said he believes “local politics can transcend that.”

Cummings is currently squaring off with three other Republican candidates for his party’s nomination before the general election Tuesday, November 3, 2020.


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