Ilhan Omar Wants Illegal Immigrants To Get ‘Free’ Healthcare Without Fear Of Deportation

Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar wants to make sure illegal immigrants who violate United States law by entering the country in an unauthorized manner are given free access to an abortion.

Responding to a Vox article online, Omar tweeted: “No one should fear receiving medical care because they are undocumented.”

“We must ensure that all people in our country have access to reproductive health care,” she continued.

Naturally, the reproductive health care procedures—which would include prenatal testing and even abortion—would not be “free,” as she claims, but the bill would be paid for by taxpayers.

The article which accompanied the tweet argues “Immigrants are skipping reproductive health care because they’re afraid of being deported.”


The threat of deportation affects people’s health in a number of ways. Doctors and advocates say that in the Trump era, people who are undocumented or have undocumented relatives are increasingly avoiding the doctor for fear of encountering or being turned over to immigration authorities.

Dr. Anjani Kolahi, a family medicine physician and fellow with the group Physicians for Reproductive Health, works with a federally qualified health center in Southern California that provides affordable care regardless of immigration status. But, she told Vox, “patients are not coming for care.”

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Some of the people who responded to the congresswoman were empathetic to the need to receive healthcare but argued forcing taxpayers to foot the bill causes another problem.

Check out these responses: