Melania Trump Facing Scrutiny For Tweet She Wrote During Mueller Testimony

On Wednesday, First Lady Melania Trump took to Twitter and tweeted something which had nothing at all to do with politics yet some people still found a reason to complain.

Trump said she was excitedly looking forward to Christmas and had already begun planning how she was going to decorate the East Wing this year.

“I’m looking forward to sharing our final vision for this unique tradition in the coming months,” she tweeted alongside four pictures of her looking at pages of ideas.

The first lady led the White House decorating team each of the past two years, winning much adoration for her efforts.

So what was the problem with the tweet? How could anyone have taken offense with it?

Several people opined that it was not what she said, but what she did not say with the tweet.

See, her tweets did not say anything about former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who testified Wednesday before two congressional committees.

Check it out, via the Washington Examiner:

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Many questioned the timing of her tweet considering it came as Mueller was concluding his testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee. He was testifying about the two-year long investigation that concluded that no member of the Trump campaign knowingly conspired with Russia to win the election.

Jimmy Kimmel mocked the first lady for focusing on Christmas during his testimony on his show Wednesday night.

“As all this Mueller stuff is going down, right in the middle of the hearing this is what the first lady was up to,” he said, and then read her tweet. “I know they wanted to change the subject today, but they couldn’t come up with anything better than Christmas? It was 84 degrees in Washington today. She’s chugging eggnog. Maybe after the testimony you just want people to know they’re still planning to be in the White House come December.”



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