Good Guy With A Gun Prevents Shooting Incident At Missouri Walmart

On Thursday, an off-duty, armed firefighter successfully prevented what could have easily been another horrific shooting incident in Springfield, Missouri.

BizPac Review reports a suspect wearing body armor reportedly entered a Walmart with several tactical weapons and more than 100 rounds of ammunition.

The man reportedly walked around the facility for an undisclosed amount of time before the supervisor on staff pulled the fire alarm intending to warn the customers of the looming threat. Aware of the threat, the armed firefighter confronted the suspect and held him at gunpoint until local law enforcement arrived a short time later.

Here’s more, from KY3 News:

The Springfield Police Department says it responded to a call of an active shooter at the Walmart Neighborhood Market at Republic Rd., near Golden Ave., Thursday evening.

The Springfield Police Department arrived on scene within three minutes of the call. Police stated that a young white male, appearing to be in his twenties, pulled up to the Walmart, where he donned body armor and military fatigues. Police say the man had tactical weapons.

Police then say the man walked into the Walmart: Neighborhood Market where he grabbed a cart and began pushing it around the store. Police say the man was recording himself walking through the store via a cell phone.

According to BizPac Review, the Springfield Police Department released a statement which confirmed: “An armed white male in his twenties was detained by an armed off-duty fireman until officers arrived on scene and took the suspect into custody. No injuries were reported and no shots were fired.”

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Police Lt. Mike Lucas, speaking to KY3 News, said: “He certainly had the capability and the potential to harm people. And then what has happened in Texas and Dayton and all that kind of stuff the last seven days, that is on everybody’s mind. His intent was to cause chaos here and he did that.”

More than 30 people were killed in a pair of shooting incidents over the weekend in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.


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