‘Senator, Please Discuss’: NRA’s Dana Loesch’s Questions Congress’ New Red Flag Proposal

Republican Senator Marco Rubio is among those conservatives leading the charge to implement new Red Flag laws to potentially prevent future shooting incidents.

Taking to Twitter, the Florida Republican argued the current Red Flag proposal in front of Congress “is the best path forward.”

Rubio argued that the proposal is passable, Trump would sign it and it could be effective in its intent.

Twitchy reports National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch had a few questions…

“Is due process inverted?” Loesch tweeted in response to Rubio. “Indy has a 14 day waiting period studies found was average 9 months. What is wait? Is there right to legal representation? What is the standard of proof? What is the deterrent for abuse, does it include a promise of a civil suit?

“Senator, please discuss,” she added.

She continued: “Additionally: What 2A supporters are at the table helping to draft so protections are maintained? Does it only specifically target guns as weapons? Does it include mental health treatment? Would abuse be made a crime, felony? Many are legitimately concerned.”

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And: “Lastly, is there advanced notice before confiscation? Is there a warrant involved? There was already one death involving a man on whom such an order was visited before dawn. In an era where criminal justice reform is needed & people distrust LEO, how will this affect?”

Loesch wants to discuss these elements with Rubio where the country would be able to listen in. She invited the lawmaker to join her to discuss the merits of the bill on her radio station, Dana Radio.



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