Philadelphia Gunman Finally Surrenders To Police After Lengthy Hostage Situation

A Philadelphia gunman has surrendered to law enforcement after shooting six police officers during a lengthy hostage standoff.

According to ABC News, the man quickly fired upon officers seeking to enter the building he was in—located in the North Philadelphia neighborhood of Tioga-Nicetown—as part of a narcotics operation. The law enforcement officials reportedly had a warrant but were met with gunfire at the door. The gunman later “unleashed a hail of bullets” on officers standing outside of the building after reportedly barricading himself in it with several people taken as hostages.

ABC News reports none of the officers that were shot suffered any serious injuries:

Maurice Hill, 34, has been identified as the suspect, according to his lawyer and law enforcement sources. Hill surrendered peacefully to police, and was seen exiting the building with his hands raised.

The officers were struck in various parts of their bodies and one had a graze wound to the head. All six officers who were shot have now been released from area hospitals, police said.

The gunman ultimately surrendered after his lawyer, Shaka Johnson, organized a call between him, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner and Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross, ABC News reports.

After the individuals spoke, the Philadelphia police commissioner gave Johnson a near-midnight deadline to have his client surrender.

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“Johnson said Hill, who he has represented for years, just had a baby and said he did not believe any of the shooting was planned, but things got out of hand,” ABC News reports.

Here’s more:

Ross had spoken at press conference from the scene of the standoff late Wednesday, pleading for the shooter to turn himself in.

“We are trying to talk to this male, trying to let him know that he can end this peacefully now,” Ross said. “We have called him multiple times. He’s picked up the phone a couple times, but he has not answered.

He said officers have been working with a family member of the suspect in an effort to reason with the shooter.

“Despite several attempts to talk to him — both on the loudspeaker and on telephone — we have been not been able to make contact with them thus far,” Ross said. “This is a very volatile situation that is still unfolding, so as a result there’s only so much I can tell you about what’s going on inside of that property.”


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