Cory Booker Would Form An Office To Fight White Supremacy If Elected President

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker announced that if he were to win in 2020 he would focus his administration on dealing white supremacy and hate crimes.

BizPac Review reports Booker’s plan is aimed at preventing more violence and comes on the heels of a pair of mass shootings in Texas, Ohio, and Mississippi.

“White supremacy has always been a problem in our American story — if not always at the surface, then lurking not so far beneath it,” Booker wrote on his website. “And, yes, racist violence has always been a part of the American story — never more so than in times of transition and times of rapid social change.”

“We have the power to act,” the website said. “Cory’s gun violence prevention plan, which has been called ‘among the most far-reaching of any presidential campaign ever,’ would make it much harder for those intent on committing hate crimes to access guns.”

The website continued: “But we also need to focus on violence motivated by hate and white supremacy. That’s why, as president, Cory would confront rising hate crimes and white supremacist violence by improving the federal and local response, addressing online hate, and supporting communities and victims of hate crimes.”

Booker, according to his website, would create “a White House Office on Hate Crimes and White Supremacist Violence to bring together federal agencies and community organizations to improve upon and coordinate the federal response and ensure that dedicated resources are addressing hate crimes and to helping victims and impacted communities.”

BizPac Review adds:

Booker proposed he would direct the “FBI to reinstate the specific white supremacist designation and end the misleading ‘racially motivated violent extremism’ category” and pass “Cory’s Justice for Victims of Lynching Act,” making lynching a federal crime.

Booker’s unveiled plan – if elected – would also create an external advisory group and invest in grants for victims of hate crimes while directing the DOJ on “sensitive locations” allowing immigrants to get resources “without fear of arrest, detainment, or deportation.”

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Booker, who has also proposed an anti-gun violence plan that would establish a national licensing program for gun owners, plans to deal with the issues of white supremacy and hate crimes by addressing online threats and recruitment methods.