The Left Is Losing Their Minds With New Conspiracy About Melania

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While President Trump presents a tough, yet diplomatic approach to international gatherings, First Lady Melania Trump brings an unrivaled grace to these ventures—assuaging any potential hostilities among the world leaders.

The G7 summit in France, like many before that, was another example of the First Lady complimenting her husband’s seriousness with a smile and a calming presence.

Melania helped set the mood of the hallmark gathering and looked stunning while doing it.


Naturally, the Left cannot just let the First Lady enjoy her time in France as they began to conspire online that she was crushing on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

#MelaniaLovesTrudeau was trending on Twitter on Monday morning, with most of the tweets showing the two greeting one another with a kiss on the cheeks.

The Washington Examiner reports:

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A photo of first lady Melania Trump puckering up to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from this week’s G-7 summit sparked the hashtag #MelaniaLovesTrudeau as a dig toward President Trump.

World leaders from Canada, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the United States, and top officials from the European Union, have gathered in France for the 2019 G-7 summit.

The now-viral photo shows Melania puckering her lips, her face only inches from Trudeau as she was greeting the Canadian prime minister. President Trump is next to his wife in the photo and they are holding hands.

“Looks like even Melania is thinking of an escape plan to Canada #MelaniaLovesTrudeau,” Sirius XM radio host Dean Obeidallah opined in a tweet. Several others shared similar sentiments.