Trump’s Personal Assistant Resigns Amid Allegations She Leaked Info To The Press

President Trump’s personal assistant, Madeleine Westerhout, has resigned after she had dinner with a group of reporters and reportedly shared personal information about the Trump family.

Politico reports the resignation was abrupt as Westerhout was a longtime aide for Trump, serving as an executive assistant for the administration.

According to the report which cited “two sources familiar with the move,” Westerhout was “coming under scrutiny for sharing intimate details about the president’s family with reporters.”

“Sources with knowledge of the dinner told CBS she had been drinking and disclosed private details about the president’s family. She also gossiped about TV news personalities seeking access to the president,” CBS News adds.

From the report:

In the past six months, Westerhout had tried to expand the boundaries of her job to encompass a broader set of tasks and to include foreign travel, said one adviser close to the White House, who suggested Westerhout had tried to act like a de facto chief of staff. This irked several White House officials and Cabinet secretaries who thought she should stick to her primary task of serving as the president’s personal secretary with a desk just outside the Oval Office.

The White House was buzzing for most of the day on Thursday about her potential departure — especially after officials learned that she had attended an off-the-record dinner with reporters in Bedminster, N.J., where she was said to have shared overly personal details about the president’s life.

According to CBS News, the departure could clear tensions in the White House as Westerhout was seen as divisive and held questionable loyalties. This instance of disclosing personal information was also not her first time:

The dinner was not the first time she has been gossiping with reporters present. At a farewell event for former press secretary Sarah Sanders, Westerhout bragged about her gatekeeper status. Current and former White House officials found her to be a divisive personality and suspected she was disloyal to the president.

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From the beginning, Westerhout was seen by some as an embodiment of the infighting between those who came to the Trump White House from the RNC and those who came from the campaign.

One former official said of Westerhout, “she was a spy from day one who sought to use her proximity to the president to curry favor with his detractors.”

At the time of publication, Trump had not personally responded to the departure though he does often address personnel transitions or departures.



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