Florida Woman Attacks U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services Office With Molotov Cocktail

A woman’s assault on a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Oakland Park, Florida was mostly foiled when the Molotov cocktail that she threw into the building did not explode.

The incident occurred on Friday afternoon, ABC 7 reports, when the woman entered the immigration office and lit a fuse on a gasoline-filled bottle and threw it in the office.

According to the report, the fuse failed to ignite the gasoline, disrupting what could have easily been a disastrous situation.

ABC 7 reports:

Law enforcement officials believe she intended to cause harm but the incident wasn’t related to other incidents where Homeland Security agencies were targeted.

The incident comes amid federal investigators’ growing concerns about attacks on immigration agencies during a time of heightened emotion and scrutiny. The issue remains a political powder keg for both Democrats and Republicans as Trump continues to push for major changes on his signature issue and tries to energize his base by delivering on campaign promises.

A Homeland Security official condemned the attack and urged the public to express themselves peacefully and respectfully without trying to harm people. The official, who was not authorized to discuss an internal incident, spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity. The official said the attacks were unacceptable.


It wasn’t clear what prompted the woman to launch the bottle. Security officers handcuffed her and subdued her until she could be taken into custody by Federal Protective Service officers who arrested her. The report did not list her name or what criminal charges she faced.

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No one was injured, though one person reported feeling ill from the smell of gasoline, and the offices were closed.

ABC 7 also reports the foiled attack comes shortly after a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in San Antonio was shot at by a man who pulled up to the office in his vehicle. The man shot into and threw the front windows of the office but failed to hit anyone.



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