Trump Shifts $3.6 Billion From Military Spending To Continue Building The Border Wall

There is nothing Democrats can do to stop President Trump from continuing to construct a wall along the southern border and he knows it.

After Democratic lawmakers voted against funding the construction of the border wall, Trump said he would be reallocating funds from the Department of Defense to get the job done. Trump said he would build one and he’s building one.

Politico reports the president announced on Tuesday that he will be shifting $3.6 billion from military construction projects towards the wall’s construction.

From the report:

Defense Secretary Mark Esper informed congressional leaders on Tuesday of the cash grab from a total of 127 military projects. Roughly half the money will come from funds previously dedicated to upgrading military bases abroad and the other half in the United States.

Trump declared a national emergency in February in order to divert $8 billion from various federal accounts to build a physical barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border, including a Treasury Department fund and Defense Department efforts to interdict illegal drugs.

Tuesday’s announcement comes on top of $2.5 billion the Pentagon already diverted from its budget toward the border barrier this spring over objections from leaders on the House and Senate Armed Services and Appropriations committees.

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And, according to the Trump administration, the money taken from these projects will be spent effectively to reduce crime and violence at the border:

In a letter to Senate Armed Services Chairman Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) on Tuesday, Esper detailed 11 border projects on the U.S.-Mexico border that the diverted funds will now finance.

The barriers, Esper contended, will allow military personnel that have been deployed to the border to beef up security to focus on areas that don’t have physical barriers.

“In short, these barriers will allow DoD to provide support to DHS more efficiently and effectively,” Esper wrote. “In this respect, the contemplated construction projects are force multipliers.”

In total, the military construction budget will fund 175 miles of border wall — a combination of new barricades and improvements to existing structures. The earliest construction could begin in about 100 days, Elaine McCusker, the Pentagon’s acting comptroller, told reporters.

According to the report, the defense officials will be notifying members of Congress if projects in any of their congressional districts will be affected. At the same time, these military officials are requesting Congress to backfill the funds so the projects can be completed as planned.



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