Trump Bashes ‘The Three Stooges,’ His Republican Primary Candidates, After Sanford Officially Joins

Former South Carolina Congressman and Governor Mark Sanford officially announced his intention to unseat President Trump as the Republican candidate in the 2020 presidential election during an interview on “Fox News Sunday.”

The president, rarely one to shy away from challengers, addressed Sanford and the other two Republican candidates running against him, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld and former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh, in a series of tweets on Monday.

In the tweets, Trump again referred to the trio as “The Three Stooges,” singling out Sanford to draw attention to his prior marital affair.

“When the former Governor of the Great State of South Carolina, @MarkSanford, was reported missing, only to then say he was away hiking on the Appalachian Trail, then was found in Argentina with his Flaming Dancer friend, it sounded like his political career was over,” the president tweeted, a clear reference to Sanford’s alleged affair.

“It was, but then he ran for Congress and won, only to lose his re-elect after I tweeted my endorsement, on Election Day, for his opponent,” he continued. “But now take heart, he is back, and running for President of the United States. The Three Stooges, all badly failed candidates, will give it a go!”

USA Today reports:

In challenging Trump for next year’s presidential nomination, Sanford has criticized Trump for his insulting manner, and said he is turning women and young women away from the Republicans.

“I am compelled to enter the Presidential Primary as a Republican for several reasons – the most important of which is to further and foster a national debate on our nation’s debt, deficits and spending,” Sanford tweeted on Sunday.

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Walsh and Weld have voiced similar criticisms of Trump, especially his volatility.

All face uphill battles in unseating Trump, however.

BizPac Review adds:

Proving that shame has a short shelf life in politics, Sanford said during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday” that the Republican Party “has lost our way,” before dropping a gem of a line.

“I think we have to have a conversation about what it means to be a Republican,” said Sanford.

This being the former state governor who disappeared for a week in 2009 while his aides covered for him by saying he was hiking the Appalachian Trail — in truth, the married politician secretly slipped off to Argentina to be with his girlfriend.


Among the hurdles the three challengers face in trying to kneecap the incumbent Republican president is that a number of states, including Arizona, Kansas, Nevada, and South Carolina, are looking to do away with their state primaries.


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