Trump Promises To Release Personalized ‘Financial Report’ Ahead Of 2020 Elections

President Trump announced that he will be sharing a personalized “financial report” detailing the extent of his personal holdings and wealth ahead of his 2020 re-election effort.

ABC News reports Trump predicted the American public will be “extremely shocked” by the report but said he would do so amid ongoing claims that he is personally profiting off of his presidency.

“I will be at some point prior to the election, I will be giving out a financial report of me. And it will be extremely complete. I’m going to give out my financial condition. And you will be extremely shocked at the numbers many, many times what you think,” Trump told a group of reporters outside of the White House.

ABC News adds:

He spoke as reports have emerged about government use of Trump properties and military stopovers at airports in their vicinity.

Trump was asked about the Pentagon’s use of his properties for overnight stays while Air Force planes are refueled, but he says his financial reports will show he doesn’t need the money. He also again denied that he had suggested Vice President Mike Pence stay at his Doonbeg resort during Pence’s trip to Ireland last week.

“I don’t need to have somebody take a room overnight at a hotel,” Trump said. “So what is happening is the following: Every time you find a person landing in an airplane within 500 miles of something I own — Mike Pence, as an example, his family lives in — he actually told me he stayed there many years ago. But he was there before I bought it, I believe, he said. A long time ago. But he was in Ireland and so he said you know what I will do come I will see my family. I didn’t know about that.”

The Hill adds:

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Trump did not respond to reporters asking whether that meant he will release his tax returns.

Democrats are investigating the lodging arrangements as part of a broader probe into possible corruption in the Trump administration.

The president declined to put his assets in a blind trust upon taking office, instead turning over control of the Trump Organization to his two adult sons. Trump has drawn intense criticism from Democrats, who argue that he is using the presidency to enrich his business empire.



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