Pelosi Breaks Silence On Lewandowski Hearings, Here’s What She Would Have Done

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly no fan of how former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski walked all over her Democratic colleagues as she claims he should have been held in contempt.

On Tuesday, Lewandowski testified before the House Judiciary Committee where a testy committee chairman, Jerry Nadler, and other Democrats unsuccessfully pressed him in an attempt to give damaging information on President Trump. He stood his ground and stopped the Democratic members in their effort.

The hearing featured multiple moments of Lewandowski being short with its Democratic members, what Pelosi called “disrespectful,” as these same members grew visibly frustrated.

BizPac Review reports:

Dems grilled Lewandowski before the House Judiciary Committee in a desperate attempt to nail Trump on debunked Russian collusion and/or obstruction allegations.

From the beginning of Lewandowski’s testimony, it was clear he wasn’t having it. The former Trump aide essentially stonewalled Judiciary chair Jerry Nadler’s inquisition and delivered humiliating blows to Dems who proceeded him.


After watching former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski deliver a combative and highly entertaining testimony during Tuesday’s Trump impeachment hearing, Pelosi reportedly became incensed according to the Washington Post.

“I would have held him in contempt right then and there,” Pelosi told a group of lawmakers on Wednesday the Post reported.

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According to the report, several Democratic members were upset with how Chairman Nadler allowed such leniency to Lewandowski, leading some to speculate that Pelosi’s comment shared in their criticisms.

The House Speaker clarified that she did not have a problem with how the committee hearing was handled but with how Lewandowski behaved during it.

Ashely Ettienne, a Pelosi spokeswoman, confirmed Pelosi’s remarks to the Post but revised the intended meaning behind the quote to be: “Speaker Pelosi agreed that his behavior was beyond the pale and contemptible. The Speaker went on to say that he could have been held in contempt right then and there.”

“Her comments were a critique of the witness’ behavior, not the handling of these hearings,” Ettienne added.

BizPac Review reports a Politico-Morning Consult poll showed impeachment proceedings are only supported by 37 percent of Americans. If Democrats continue to embarrass themselves as they did in this committee hearing, then they may be reluctant to continue.


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