Bernie Sanders Announces He Will Eliminate ALL Medical Debt For 79 Million Americans

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will pay all your medical expenses if you elect him in 2020, or so he is now claiming.

On Saturday morning, Sanders announced that as president he will work to eliminate the $81 billion in medical debt that is owned by 79 million Americans across the country.

“79 million Americans are burdened by medical debt for the “crime” of getting sick. We’re going to eliminate all past-due medical debt,” he said in a tweet, announcing the plan.

According to the Sanders website, the candidate “will fight to make sure that no one in America goes bankrupt because of medical debt and will eliminate all past-due medical debt in this country.”

And, as president, he would:

  • Eliminate the $81 billion in past-due medical debt.

    • Under this plan, the federal government will negotiate and pay off past-due medical bills in collections that have been reported to credit agencies.
  • End abusive and harassing debt collection practices.

    • Prohibit the collection of debt beyond the statute of limitations.
    • Significantly limit the contact attempts per week a collector can make to an individual through any mode of communication, regardless of how many bills are in collection.
    • Require collectors to ensure information about a debt is fully accurate before attempting to collect.
    • Substantially limit the assets that can be seized and the wages that can be garnished in collection to ensure consumers do not lose their homes, jobs, or primary vehicles and will be able to financially support their families.
  • Instruct the IRS to review the billing and collection practices of the nearly 3,000 non-profit hospitals to ensure they are in line with the charitable care standards for non-profit tax status, and take action against those who are not.

Some people online had some questions as to how this would actually work:

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