Report: ‘Slave Master’ Ed Buck Had ‘Predatory’ History, Including Drugging, Raping, and Killing Multiple Men

Top Democratic donor Ed Buck reportedly has a predatory and violent history according to a new criminal complaint filed by federal investigators.

The Washington Examiner reports the complaint details a record of Buck drugging, raping, and even killing several gay men, usually prostitutes. More than ten victims are included in the complaint, most of them unidentified as to protect them in the pending case.

From the report:

Although Buck is currently only being charged with distribution of methamphetamine resulting in death, the 20-page filing by authorities describes numerous instances of vulnerable gay men, many black, who found themselves drugged against their will and sodomized. Most of the nine men who spoke to investigators say they were initially lured to Buck’s residence on promises of money and free drugs.

Many of the victims were prostitutes. In the last two years, two men have died in Buck’s residence of a drug overdose.

Buck was recently arrested and charged by Los Angelos prosecutors after another individual had overdosed in his home—the third instance in the last two years.

The Washington Examiner reports in July of 2017, law enforcement authorities found the corpse of Gemmel Moore, a Black man, inside Buck’s home.

While Buck was charged for his death, he was not convicted as a jury could not conclude without a reasonable doubt that Buck was responsible.

From the report:

Buck claims Moore overdosed on methamphetamine when he left the room, but Los Angeles deputies found “approximately 24 syringes, 5 glass pipes,” as well as “1.76 grams” of meth found in a tool box, “which also contained various sex toys.”

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The criminal complaint against Buck details how he allegedly lured Moore, who was living with his mother in Houston, to his home. At one point, Buck told Moore to refer to him as “his slave master” before arranging a flight and private car.

In an interview with Moore’s mother, she stated that her son would talk about a “rich and powerful man named Ed Buck [who] held [him] against his wall and shot him up with drugs.” A separate interview with Moore’s Aunt recalled a conversation with Moore, saying Buck “used to inject [him] with drugs and would do ‘horrible things.'”

Earlier this year, in January 2019, Timothy Michael Dean, another Black man, was found dead in Buck’s home.

“Buck claimed that Dean committed suicide by hanging himself, but investigators found no evidence to support the claim. Charges were never brought against Buck for that death, sparking an outcry in Los Angeles,” the report continues.


But as he was cutting checks to prominent Democratic politicians, Buck was allegedly engaged in a twisted game of manipulating some of his city’s most vulnerable, leading to Los Angeles prosecutors to label him a “violent, dangerous sexual predator.”

One individual, only referred to as Victim 2 by investigators, said he fell asleep at Buck’s home in July 2017 only to find his arm “tied to the couch … red and sore,” which he believed was because “Buck injected him with drugs.”

Other victims recalled meeting Buck through gay online dating sites, only to find themselves facing bizarre demands to wear “white undergarments,” which he kept in a neat pile, separated by size, to satiate a fetish, and consuming large quantities of drugs.