Biden On Trump: ‘I Think I Could Beat This Guy Like A Drum’

Joe Biden thinks a prospective showdown against President Trump would be an easy feat.

The Washington Examiner reports that during a private fundraiser on Sunday evening, the former vice president told a group of donors that he could beat Trump “like a drum.”

“We know what this guy’s going to be. It’ll be ugly, it’ll be mean, it’ll be degrading,” Biden said of campaigning against Trump in the general election. “There’s nothing more important for us all to do but to make sure he does not prevail.”

“Given half a chance, I think I could beat this guy like a drum,” Biden added per the report.

The former Obama-era vice president said Democrats need to “literally restore the soul of this country.”

Here’s more, per the Washington Examiner:

The former vice president continued on to stress that “we can handle four years of Donald Trump” but that electing him to another term could “fundamentally change the character of this country.”

Biden did not directly address recent reports that Trump pressured the leader of Ukraine during a July phone call, which is reportedly the subject of an intelligence community whistleblower complaint, to investigate his son Hunter’s ties to an energy company owned by one of the country’s oligarchs.

On Sunday, Trump denied putting any pressure on the Ukrainian president but confirmed that they had discussed Biden during the conversation, adding though that the “real story” is that Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees if Ukraine did not fire its top prosecutor, who had been investigating the oligarch who owned the company of which Biden’s son was a board member while he was still vice president.

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Trump and Biden have been embroiled in a controversy after it was learned that a whistleblower within the intelligence community shared that Trump talked with the Ukrainian President about Biden.

It was later revealed that the contents of the call included Trump suggesting the foreign leader look into Biden and his potential abuse of his vice-presidential powers. The controversy also included Biden’s son, Hunter, and his position on a prestigious Ukrainian energy board.

“Biden, however, has denied any wrongdoing on his part, calling instead for an investigation into Trump’s phone conversation and for the release of the transcript,” the Washington Examiner adds.


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