Climate Change Activists Stop Major Roads Across DC To ‘Disrupt The Systems That… Perpetuate The Climate Crisis’

Climate change activists in Washington D.C. are looking to “shut down” the city as a message to the city’s lawmakers.

The group spread across the city’s network of busied roadways and intersections, blocking several of them by filling pedestrian crosswalks with group members.

USA Today reports Shut Down DC is intending to “disrupt the systems that created and perpetuate the climate crisis.”

Amtrak sent out a tweet on Sunday evening cautioning its users to expect some delays on Monday morning due to the protests.

“ADVISORY: Amtrak customers using Washington, D.C. (WAS) Union Station tomorrow (9/23) should allow extra time because of planned protests and expected traffic issues. The H Street parking structure is a good alternate access point,” the company said in a tweet.

Here’s more from USA Today:

Before 8 a.m., major intersections like K and 16th Streets NW and New York Avenue at Florida Avenue NE and at North Capitol Street had been blocked by the protests.

Videos posted on social media showed demonstrators waving flags and tied to cars donned with banners that had messages like “ROAD CLOSED CLIMATE EMERGENCY” in the middle of major intersections. Photos showed a boat in the middle of one intersection.

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Police in D.C. said they were responding to multiple intersections. D.C.’s bus system also reported delays due to the protests.

The group said on its website that demonstrators would meet early Monday at four locations across the city, which are near high volume intersections, busy metro lines and Union Station.

According to the report and several social media photos and videos, the group achieved their goal of blocking several roadways and disrupting the city’s traffic patterns. Local law enforcement was able to tow some of the vehicles used to blockade the streets.

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