CNN’s Acosta On Watching Trump Make America Better: ‘I Throw My Beer Cans At The TV’

CNN’s Jim Acosta cannot stand to watch President Trump on his television—so much so that Acosta admits he throws his “beer cans at the TV screen.” Empty ones, of course.

Speaking to an audience at the Hill Center in Washington D.C., Breitbart News reports Acosta claims Trump’s presidency has made the United States “vicious” and “nasty” and that he throws things at his own television to vent some frustrations.

“I throw my beer cans at the TV screen too when they’re empty from time to time, but I think we also have to take stock of what we’re doing at home, what we’re doing in our communities,” Acosta told the audience, per Breitbart News. “What’s happening in our daily lives that is contributing to this culture of just viciousness? We’ve become a vicious, nasty country.”

According to BizPac Review, Acosta described the action of throwing things as Trump (when he appears on his own television) as “relieving” and “cathartic.”

“We have to ask ourselves, you know, it is relieving, it is cathartic to lash out at that guy on the TV screen,” Acosta said, per BizPac Review.

BizPac Review reports Acosta shared the stage with progressive radio host Bill Press, who he asked: “Do you remember, Bill, when we use to say ‘I’d like to leave this country better off to our kids and our grandkids?”

Acosta inquired, “Does anybody say that anymore?”

Per BizPac Review:

His point of contention being that the president has referred to many in the media as the enemy of the people, this being the cabal that serves as the de facto campaign arm of the Democratic Party by putting their political agenda ahead of the truth.

Breitbart News adds:

Of course, Acosta is no stranger to making hyperbolic statements or virtue signaling. His frequent outbursts toward President Trump and members of his administration have earned him scorn and mockery from the White House and from some of his establishment media colleagues. In his book, the reporter wrote his abrasive demeanor towards President Trump and other administration officials “bothers some people,” and he admitted to being guilty of  “showboating,” even “grandstanding.”

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That behavior, especially a heated exchange with the president, infamously landed him a temporary suspension from the White House in November.

Watch the interview below, courtesy of the Daily Caller: