Arby’s Wins The Internet After Using 1-Liner To Crush 2020 Presidential Candidate

On Wednesday afternoon, 2020 presidential candidate Mark Sanford was recorded outside of an Arby’s fast-food restaurant near the Iowa state capital where he was using one of their signature sandwiches to criticize the Trump administration.

“Where’s the beef?” Sanford can be heard asking in a video of the incident, speaking of the Trump administration’s alleged failure to fulfill campaign promises.

“Where’s the beef on that promise, because your wall has not been built over the course of the administration’s last couple years,” Sanford continued per the Hill.

The Hill also reports:

It’s unclear if Sanford was aware that the phrase he used — “Where’s the beef?” — was associated with Wendy’s.

The slogan was used in commercials for Wendy’s in the 1980s, and presidential candidate Walter Mondale famously invoked the slogan to criticize Sen. Gary Hart during the 1984 Democratic primary.

The bizarre scene was later shared online where the official Arby’s Twitter account responded with a familiar internet meme.

“Sir, this is an Arby’s,” the fast-food chain responded.

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Here’s how some people responded to the reaction:



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