Report: 30 Republican Senators Secretly Support Impeaching Trump

More than 30 Republican senators would vote to impeach President Trump if the tally was held in secret, Republican adviser Mike Murphy claims.

Murphy, who works for Senator Mitt Romney, claims many of these Republican senators are fearful of political backlash but would vote to impeach the president if their votes were never disclosed, the Washington Examiner reports.

“These Senate Republicans, should the Democrats vote impeachment — which I think is far more likely than not — are going to be pinned down to a yes-no answer,” Murphy said via the Washington Examiner, “and if they provide cover for Donald Trump on this, a clear violation of his role as president, we’re going to lose Colorado with Cory Gardner. We’re going to lose Maine with Susan Collins. We’re going to lose Arizona with [Martha] McSally. And the Democrats will put the Senate very much in play.”

Murphy’s count likely includes his boss who is an outspoken Trump-critic and other swing state voters. Should the count be remotely close, this would suggest Democrats have enough votes in the Republican-led Senate to vote to remove President Trump, should the House impeach him.

“I can tell you this, one Republican senator told me if it was a secret vote, 30 Republican senators would vote to impeach Trump,” Murphy continued.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, while not taking up a resolution to initiate an impeachment inquiry, announced earlier this week that her party would begin to interview witnesses and holding hearings on a potential impeachment of President Trump. The inquiry also gives certain Democratic-led committees in the chamber power to subpoena the information.



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