Pelosi, Schumer Say They Still Want To Work With Trump To Pass Bills Amid Impeachment Effort

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in an all-out war against President Trump.

This last week, Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry into him over a phone call he shared with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The decision made clear Pelosi’s intentions to have him removed from office, thereby loosening the reins of her Democratic committee chair members to pursue impeachment-related hearings.

And, it’s already getting ugly.

But impeachment is not the only thing Pelosi wants.

BizPac Review reports Pelosi wants to have her cake and eat it too as she is still hoping Trump wants to work with her to pass gun control legislation, USMCA, and other policy proposals.

In a “Dear Colleague” letter shared on Monday, Pelosi said she is hoping “to continue to advance legislation that will make a difference” in the lives of everyday Americans.

“House Democrats, under the leadership of Chairman Richie Neal and our Working Group, continue to make progress in our discussions with the Trade Representative to secure key improvements to the USMCA,” she said in the letter posted to her Speaker Office website. “We are addressing our core concerns on, first and foremost, strong enforcement, labor, prescription drugs and environmental protections. We hope to continue further down the path to yes, but insist that any trade agreement strengthen America’s working families.”


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H.R. 3 – The Lower Drug Costs Now Act

The out-of-control price of prescription drugs is an issue that touches every family in America.  Earlier this month, led by Chairmen Frank Pallone, Richie Neal and Bobby Scott, House Democrats put forward transformational legislation to reduce drug prices for every American: the Lower Drug Costs Now Act (H.R.3).  This sweeping legislation:

  • Gives the HHS Secretary powerful tools to negotiate lower drug prices, and makes those lower prices available to every American, as well as Medicare beneficiaries;

  • Stops drug companies from ripping off Americans while charging lower prices in other countries for the same drugs, by establishing a maximum price for any negotiated drug with an Average International Market price;

  • Creates a $2,000 out-of-pocket limit on drug costs for Medicare beneficiaries; and,

  • Creates a Medicare inflation rebate that reverses years of unfair price hikes above inflation.

BizPac Review reports Fox Business host Lou Dobbs expressed outrage over Pelosi’s interest in working with Trump on legislative issues while at-the-same-time seeking to impeach him.

From the report:

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs blasted Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for claiming she wants to work with President Donald Trump — while shamelessly pushing the Democrats’ sham impeachment stunt and acting like “an enemy of the state.”

“[Democrats] are the absolutely willing to subvert the President of the United States,” Dobbs said. “They are lawless. They are reckless. And then they want to pretend — Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer — to talk with the president about gun control? Really? Nancy, Chuck, get real!”

Dobbs continued: “You’re behaving like an enemy of the state. And you want to play like you’re going to make a deal with the President? I love the fact they offered to sign a deal on ‘gun control’ in the Rose Garden. Wouldn’t that be sweet? Who the hell do they think they are?”