Bernie Sanders Tops Democratic Candidates With $25.3 Million Q3 Haul

Democratic presidential candidate third-quarter fundraising totals are in and Bernie Sanders is leading the pack with a sizeable $25.3 million.

Despite being second or third in most national polling of Democratic candidates, Sanders’ haul was the largest of those candidates who have publicly released their totals.

“All 19 Democratic contenders are required to publish their quarterly fundraising figures by mid-October,” Reuters reports.


Sanders, whose status in polls as the number two candidate for the party’s nomination behind frontrunner Joe Biden has been threatened by a surge of support for fellow progressive Elizabeth Warren, raised $25.3 million, more than any candidate’s previous single-quarter haul.

Fundraising numbers are closely watched to assess candidates’ viability and whether their campaigns are collecting the cash necessary to remain competitive.

Sanders’ total came from 1.4 million individual donations and surpassed the $18 million he raised in the second quarter. Sanders campaign officials have pointed to the grassroots, small-dollar nature of his fundraising as a sign of the breadth of his support.

According to the report, the Sanders campaign has collected a total of $61.5 million from donors since he announced his presidential campaign in February.

The Washington Post points out the haul is nearly identical to the $26 million he raised at the same point of his campaign in 2015 (against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination). But this time Sanders is seeking the nomination against more than a dozen other candidates.

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The Washington Post adds:

Sanders campaign officials have expressed confidence in recent weeks about their fundraising. In September, the campaign announced it had amassed 1 million donors faster than any campaign in history — a milestone that officials said reflected enduring excitement surrounding the campaign.

While Sanders’s support in the polls has fluctuated in his second run for president, his fundraising ability has been a reliable asset that has continued to stun some Democrats. He raised $6 million in the 24 hours after launching his campaign in February, prompting some leading Democrats to express surprise at his quick early pace.

As of Tuesday morning, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg emerged second (without Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren sharing their totals) on the list having raised $19.1 million.

Here’s more from Reuters:

Buttigieg has raised a total of $51 million since the beginning of the year, his campaign said in a memo sent to reporters. The average donation in the third quarter was $32.

The South Bend, Indiana mayor’s campaign highlighted the ways the strong fundraising haul was being put to use. In the third quarter the campaign hired 400 new staff and opened its first 42 field offices – including 21 in the early primary contest state of Iowa.

USA Today adds:

Buttigieg’s campaign emphasized how much his national support has grown since entering the race at the beginning of the year. The number of donors has increased from fewer than 200,000 in the first quarter to more than 580,000 today, according to the campaign.


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