POLL: 74 Percent Of Democrats Support Impeachment, Only 17 Percent Of Republicans Do

Despite what it may seem in mainstream media, most Americans do not support impeaching President Trump.

While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and many of her Democratic colleagues are all-in on the impeachment effort, USA Today reports that a new USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll found that 55 percent of voters were against it or unsure whether or not it should happen.

In contrast, only 45 percent of voters said the House should pursue impeaching Trump—mostly coming from Democrats.

The poll found an overwhelming majority of Democrats (74 percent) favor impeachment while only a dismal 17 percent of Republicans did.

USA Today reports:

The survey of 1,006 adults, taken Tuesday and Wednesday, underscores the perilous situation the president finds himself in as House committees subpoena documents and prepare to hear testimony into accusations that he pressured the leader of Ukraine to investigate a political rival, then tried to hide the account of their phone conversation.

Trump, who has released a rough transcript of his July 25 call with the president of Ukraine, says the conversation was “perfect” and that there was no wrongdoing. On Tuesday, he lashed out during a White House news conference, referring to the inquiry as a “hoax.”


Americans have long been wary of impeachment. A USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll taken in June – months before the formal impeachment inquiry was launched last week – found opponents outweighing supporters by nearly 2-1, 61%-32%.

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But several national surveys have shown attitudes significantly shifting in the past 10 days, since the latest allegations emerged about Ukraine and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. announced the impeachment inquiry.

Republicans are likely against impeachment as many do not believe the evidence Democratic House members have brought forward shows Trump committed any wrongdoing.

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz said the whistleblower complaint—that Trump abused his office to force Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden—would not be “admitted into a court of law” as it is entirely second-hand information.

“You would not be able to get the so-called evidence from this whistleblower admitted into a court of law, so how are we suppose to use it as a basis to impeach a president?”


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