Fox News Fully Embarrasses CNN, Triples Ratings For A Town Hall That CNN Hosted

  • The ratings for CNN’s LGBTQ Town Hall are in and it is Fox News that sits atop the charts.

That’s right, Fox News beat out CNN for coverage on a town hall that CNN hosted—and it wasn’t even close.

The Washington Examiner reports Fox News tripled CNN’s ratings for the event which featured nine Democratic presidential candidates.

According to the report, even MSNBC beat out CNN, doubling their ratings:

Fox News’ prime-time lineup had an average of 3.7 million viewers from 7:30 p.m. to midnight, while the town hall was airing, according to Early Nielsen Research. The largest audience of any show Thursday night went to the time slot usually occupied by Sean Hannity, who hosts the most-watched cable news program, with 4.8 million viewers.

Hannity, however, was not on the show, as the network opted to air President Trump’s rally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The rally began at the end of Tucker Carlson’s show and ran the entirety of Hannity’s and into the beginning of Laura Ingraham’s program.

Comparatively, MSNBC averaged 2.5 million viewers during the same time period. Rachel Maddow, who regularly finishes second to Hannity in ratings, led her network but finished behind Fox’s Jason Chaffetz who was filling in for Ingraham with 3.4 million viewers.

According to the report, most of the viewers watched during the time slots in which Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris spoke.

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