UH-OH: Hunter Biden Was Hired By Credit Card Co. While Joe Pushed Legislation To Benefit Them

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has been unable to escape allegations that he abused his office as a former vice president to get his son, Hunter, a professional advantage in Ukraine.

And now the Trump campaign is turning up the heat.

While Joe Biden attempts to fend off allegations that he helped Hunter get a seat on a Ukrainian energy board—despite Hunter not having any experience in the energy sector or any business ties to Ukraine—and a hefty salary of more than $50,000 per month, the Trump campaign is digging up a story from more than 10 years ago which similarly shows Joe helping his son professionally.

BizPac Review reports “President Trump’s reelection campaign resurrected a stunning story of how Joe Biden once pushed legislation favoring the credit card industry while his son landed a lucrative consulting job with MBNA.”

“Hunter Biden was paid an untold sum of money by the large credit card company based in Delaware, the state his father Joe Biden represented in the U.S. Senate from 1973 to 2009,” the report continues. “And during those years, the senior Biden was backing a bankruptcy bill that became law in 2005, and helped the industry while hurting consumers.”

The story was shared by the Trump War Room Twitter account:

A CBS News report from 2008 was shared alongside the tweet which details the interwoven relationship between Joe Biden’s efforts in the Senate and Hunter’s position with the credit card company:

When the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the bill early in 2005, Biden, Dianne Feinstein of California and Herb Kohl of Wisconsin were the only Democrats to vote with the Republican majority. Biden also voted for the bill on final passage in the Senate, while Obama voted against it.

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MBNA employees have poured more than $200,000 into Biden’s Senate campaigns over the past two decades, making donors working for the credit card company the senator’s largest source of campaign money.


In a separate matter in which Hunter Biden’s lobbying activities were referenced, he and Biden’s brother Jim have been sued for allegedly defrauding an ex-business partner.

In the lawsuit filed last year in state court in New York, Anthony Lotito says that he got a call from Jim Biden in early 2006 saying that Sen. Biden was concerned with the impact that Hunter’s lobbying activities might have on the senator’s expected campaign for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

According to the lawsuit, Jim Biden said his brother had asked him to seek Lotito’s assistance in finding employment for Hunter in a non-lobbying capacity.


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