Trump Seeks Immediate Retribution Against Turkey, Announces Major Sanctions

President Trump may have pulled the United States military force out of Northern Syria but he did so with the caveat that he would economically ruin Turkey if they moved into the region.

Turkey, without hesitation, did just that.

On Monday, Trump took to Twitter to announce he would be overwhelming the Turkish economy with new sanctions for their “destabilizing actions in northeast Syria.”

“After defeating 100% of the ISIS Caliphate, I largely moved our troops out of Syria,” Trump tweeted. “Let Syria and Assad protect the Kurds and fight Turkey for their own land.”

“I said to my Generals, why should we be fighting for Syria and Assad to protect the land of our enemy? Anyone who wants to assist Syria in protecting the Kurds is good with me, whether it is Russia, China, or Napoleon Bonaparte. I hope they all do great, we are 7,000 miles away!” the president added.

“Some people want the United States to protect the 7,000 mile away Border of Syria, presided over by Bashar al-Assad, our enemy. At the same time, Syria and whoever they chose to help, wants naturally to protect the Kurds,” Trump said in another tweet. “I would much rather focus on our Southern Border which abuts and is part of the United States of America. And by the way, numbers are way down and the WALL is being built!”

Trump then shifted his focus to the Turkish invasion.

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“I am fully prepared to swiftly destroy Turkey’s economy if Turkish leaders continue down this dangerous and destructive path,” the president said in a statement.

BizPac Review reports: “Turkey launched an assault last week to drive the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces from the region and President Bashar al-Assad of Syria has agreed to send his army to the northern border to try to halt Turkey’s military efforts, according to the BCC.”

The report continues:

In an executive order issued Monday, Trump said Turkey’s offensive “undermines the campaign to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, endangers civilians, and further threatens to undermine the peace, security, and stability in the region …”

The sanctions he imposed will include a 50% tariff on Turkish steel and halts a $100 billion trade deal between the two countries, according to a statement released. The president also said a “small footprint” of U.S. forces will remain in southern Syria “to continue disrupting remnants of ISIS.”

During the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C. on Saturday, Trump said he would be imposing sanctions on Turkey if they did not protect religious minority groups in the region.

“I have made clear to Turkey that if they do not meet their commitments, including the protection of religious minorities … we will impose very swift, strong, and severe economic sanctions,” Trump said per the Washington Examiner.

“With one clear voice, the United States of America condemns the persecution of Christians, and we pledge our support to Christian communities everywhere suffering under the brutal heel of oppression and violence,” he added.

According to the BizPac Review report, Vice President Pence similarly said the U.S. would not tolerate Turkish aggression.

“The United States of America simply is not going to tolerate Turkey’s invasion in Syria any further. We are calling on Turkey to stand down, end the violence and come to the negotiating table,” the vice president said to a group of reporters outside the White House.


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