HOT MIC: Elizabeth Warren Caught At Debate Saying ‘I Can’t Say That’ Raises Speculation

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, who some people are considering to be the new frontrunner in the primary race, is at the center of some speculation after she was admitting there was something she could not say in a post-debate interview.

After Warren squared off with 11 other Democratic candidates on the stage in Ohio for the fourth presidential debate Tuesday evening, several of the candidates hung around and met with various mainstream media outlets for post-debate interviews.

Twitchy reports CNN hosted the debate and scored an interview with Warren who, after returning from a commercial break, was caught quickly telling CNN host Jake Tapper that there was something that she was not able to say.

“I can’t say that,” Warren can be obviously heard saying in the hot mic moment.

Check it out:

The comment immediately raised some speculation online.

What could Warren not say? Here’s how some people responded:

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