Trump Predicts Investigation Into Investigators Is ‘The Beginning Of A Massive Story’

President Trump seems to believe that Washington politics is on the cusp of a major discovery as he took to Twitter to boast of the new investigation his administration has launched into those who initiated the Russia probe.

The president has repeatedly mentioned that he believed the investigation into him by Obama administration holdovers was wrongfully carried out and—despite being cleared of collusion and obstruction charges by Special Counsel Robert Mueller—now Trump wants to know if any of those investigators violated the law themselves.

Quoting Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn’s attorney, Trump tweeted: “General Michael Flynn’s attorney is demanding that charges be immediately dropped after they found that FBI Agents manipulated records against him. They say that James Clapper told a reporter to ‘take a kill shot at Flynn.'”

“This has been a complete setup of Michael Flynn. They exonerated him completely of being an agent of Russia (Recently Crooked Hillary charged Tulsi Gabbard & Jill Stein with the same thing-SICK), and yet Mr. Comey still runs to the White House on February 14 and conjures up the Obstruction of Justice narrative against the President when Flynn had been cleared of everything long before that,” the president continued in the Saturday morning tweets.

Trump mentioned Former U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan as two individuals at the center of the origins of the Russian probe.

“The DOJ is withholding a lot of evidence & information, as are Clapper & Brennan & all of the people who participated in the complete setup of Michael Flynn,” the president tweeted. “This is a disgrace!”

“Thank you @foxandfriends! Hopefully, this is just the beginning of a massive story of injustice and treason. You will never learn this from the corrupt LameStream Media who get Pulitzer Prizes for reporting the story totally wrong. The ones who report it right get only RESPECT!” Trump added.

In another series of tweets on Friday night and into Saturday morning, Trump also scrutinized an investigation Democratic members of Congress launched to see if he committed an impeachable offense.

“The Ukraine investigation is just as Corrupt and Fake as all of the other garbage that went on before it. Even Shifty Schiff [House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff] got caught cheating when he made up what I said on the call!” Trump tweeted.

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