GOP Leader Predicts Republicans Will Flip The House Majority In 2020

Republicans will win big in 2020, so much so that they will flip the House majority, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy predicted.

Trump’s re-election is undoubtedly a focus for the Republican Party in 2020 so that he can continue governing the country, but the congressional elections will be instrumental as well because these elections will determine how Trump will be governing.

“If I was the Democrats, I’d be worried,” McCarthy said during an interview with the Washington Examiner on Friday at the Sea Island Summit.

McCarthy added: “Yes, because President Trump’s going to get reelected.”

The Washington Examiner reports:

House Republicans need to flip a net 19 Democrat-held districts to reclaim the power they lost in a 40-seat blowout in the midterm elections. Thirteen of them should be relatively easy to win back, McCarthy said, because they were drawn to elect Republicans, and Trump won them overwhelmingly. Among them are districts anchored by the conservative metropolitan areas of Charleston, South Carolina, Oklahoma City, and Salt Lake City.

According to exit polls from 2018, Democrats beat Republicans among women voters, 59% to 40%. To solve this problem, McCarthy said he is focusing on recruiting female candidates. In the 55 House districts that McCarthy considers in play, a majority of the Republican candidates the minority leader is backing are women. The previous record for women running for the House as Republicans was 136, a figure that McCarthy said has already been eclipsed by six.

According to the report, McCarthy’s interest in supporting womn candidates comes as the Democrat Party has rallied behind new Democratic congressional members who call themselves “the squad.” This includes Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley.

“There’s another thing these four new socialist Democrat women have done — the squad. They have empowered and have people, women, who have differences of opinion with them, decide that they need to have a voice,” McCarthy said.

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The minority leader admitted the Republican Party will have to make some changes to win these elections.

“We need to have an open discussion about, what should the party look like 20 years from now, and we should be a little nervous,” McCarthy said per the Washington Examiner. “We have to do something different than we’ve done.”

Here’s more:

McCarthy issued one stark warning for his party. He said younger voters are worried about climate change and cautioned that Republicans were risking their viability in elections over the long term by ignoring this critical issue.

Most major Republican leaders have been reluctant to address climate change. Some Republicans have even referred to fears about the warming of the Earth as a hoax. But McCarthy said that voters in their late 20s are the largest demographic age group in the United States and said Republicans could permanently lose this voting bloc absent offering a climate change agenda.


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