‘He’s No Mr. Nice Guy’: New Pro-Trump Ad Shows Major Difference Between The Parties

President Trump is “no Mr. Nice Guy,” according to a new pro-Trump ad which highlights the numerous things the president has been able to achieve in his first three years of his presidency.

“Changing Washington. Creating 6 million new jobs. 500,000 manufacturing jobs. Cutting illegal immigration in half. Obliterating ISIS. Third Caliphate destroyed. Terrorist leader dead. But Democrats would rather focus on impeachment instead,” the ad says.

“But that’s not stopping Donald Trump,” the ad continues. “He’s no Mr. Nice Guy, but sometimes it takes a Donald Trump to change Washington.”

The ad was initially aired during Game 7 of the World Series, Twitchy reports, but in case you missed it, give it a watch below:

The ad’s contrast between Trump and the Democratic Party has anti-Trump Harvard professor Laurence Tribe claiming it is “brilliant.”

“We need to up our games, folks,” he added.

Check out these responses:

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Not all people agreed with Tribe’s assessment though:



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