GOP Member Brings 3,500 Pages Of Records, Asks Why ‘Bribery’ Was Never Mentioned Before

Republican Congressman John Ratcliffe brought more than 3,500 pages of sworn testimony and hearing depositions with him to Tuesday morning’s House Intelligence Committee hearing with Office of the Vice President Special Advisor Jennifer Williams and Ukrainian specialist and former National Security Council advisor Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.

The stacks and stacks of paper were to make one point and one point only: Democrats are changing the allegations against President Trump on a whim—from “quid pro quo” to “extortion” to “bribery.”

Ratcliffe, placing the 3,500 sheets of papers up on the desk in front of him explained that through dozens of witness testimony, hundreds of hours of these testimonies and in thousands of questions asked and answers given in these testimonies, only once does the word bribery ever appear.

The word is not ever used to describe President Trump’s behavior, but it is used to describe former Vice President Joe Biden’s.

Ratcliffe noted that Democrats have never asked a witness about whether or not Trump’s actions, specifically in a call between him and Ukrainian President Zelensky, constituted bribery.

Check it out:

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Fox News reports the shift Democrats made from “quid pro quo” to “bribery” was the result of an internal poll among Democratic voters as to which sounded more damaging:

Democrats are shifting the language they use to describe the allegations against President Trump in the House impeachment inquiry. And that change has come after the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently conducted focus groups to determine which description sounds more damning to voters, Fox News has confirmed. The Washington Post first reported the focus groups.

The paper said the DCCC conducted these focus groups in key House battlegrounds and asked participants whether “quid pro quo,” “extortion” or “bribery” was more compelling. “Bribery” was determined to be more effective.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff responded to the line of questioning and the gesture by saying fact witnesses did not use the term “bribery” as they should not be adding their own legal interpretation of Trump’s actions, but only present what they witnessed at the moment.

Schiff failed to address why Democratic members who carried out the questioning did not ask about the charge or previously mention it—at all.