Dem. Rep. Ilhan Omar Pitches Multi-Trillion Dollar Plan To End Homelessness

Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is pushing a new bill to end homelessness in American by giving each member of the homeless community a government-sponsored home.

In a tweet, Omar said her new Homes for All Act is a “bold 21st-century vision to build 12 million new public and affordable housing units and guarantee housing as a human right.”

“No one in the wealthiest county in the world should be forced to sleep on the streets,” she added in the tweet.

In an accompanying video, she said vast homelessness was one of the first things she noticed when she came to America.

Omar calls her new bill a “homes guarantee” with the additional “public and private permanently affordable rental units.”

The new bill intends to also give illegal immigrants available housing options.

The Minnesota congresswoman said the new plan—which will be paid for with taxpayer dollars—will not discriminate against “residents based on sexual orientation, gender, and criminal history or immigration status.”

Omar said her new plan will make public housing a core part of the federal government’s budget “like Social Security and Medicare.” The homes that will be created will also adhere to the highest possible environmental standards, she also claims.

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While Omar was sharing that she will introduce an actual bill to Congress, lawmakers have previously brainstormed the idea.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has a Housing for All option as his presidential platform where he argues he will “end the housing crisis by investing $2.5 trillion to build nearly 10 million permanently affordable housing units.”

Sanders said his plan will also: “Make rent affordable by making Section 8 vouchers available to all eligible families without a waitlist and strengthening the Fair Housing Act.”

And, “Revitalize public housing by investing $70 billion to repair, decarbonize, and build new public housing.”


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