Trump Addresses Rumor That He Intends To Replace Pence With New Running Mate In 2020

President Trump recently addressed and shut down rumors that he intends to replace Vice President Mike Pence before the 2020 elections.

Politico reports that during a nearly hour-long interview with “Fox & Friends,” the president said Pence “is our man 100 percent.”

The comments came amid rumors that Pence would be replaced on the ballot by former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, or someone else.

“Mike Pence is a great vice president,” Trump added during the interview before clarifying that Haley would “absolutely” play a role in the campaign. Trump also praised Haley, who now works in the private sector, for her work within his administration.

“She is a friend of mine, she endorsed me with the most beautiful endorsement you’ve ever heard. She did a great job at the U.N.,” Trump said per the report.

Politico adds:

Rumors that Trump might replace Pence with Haley on the 2020 ticket have percolated for some time, especially as the Trump campaign looks to make headway with suburban women voters that moved away from the party in the 2018 midterms and continued to do so in local elections earlier this month.

Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, has widely been viewed as a top contender for the White House — as has Pence — should she decide to run in 2024. Though she’s tiptoed around questions about her national aspirations, the buzz has caused friction with members of Pence’s team, who have blamed her for the rumors.

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Trump acknowledged the whispers, and while he didn’t deny that she would be “great,” Trump said he would continue to stand by Pence.

“Nikki would be great, but Mike Pence has done a phenomenal job as our vice president. He is our guy, he is my friend,” Trump concluded.

Trump has transitioned out some former associates due to disagreements or for failing to achieve a desired result. However, he has only spoken positively of Pence throughout his time in office.

Trump first announced Pence as his re-election running mate in a tweet on May 31.


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