Report: Gun Purchases Near Record High As Dems Continue Calling For More Restrictions

The number of firearm purchases in the United States is on pace to pass a record previously set under President Obama in 2016.

As the November 2020 presidential election nears and nearly all those on the Left running for the nation’s highest office campaign their anti-gun efforts, millions of Americans are heading to their local gun stores to get a firearm—while it is still legal to do so.

The Associated Press reports:

By the end of November, more than 25.4 million background checks — generally seen as a strong indicator of gun sales — had been conducted by the FBI, putting 2019 on pace to break the record of 27.5 million set in 2016, the last full year President Barack Obama was in the White House.

On Black Friday alone, the FBI ran 202,465 checks.

As these figures continue to rise, Democratic presidential candidates continue to barnstorm their own anti-gun agendas. From magazine bans, to “assault rifle” bans, to purchasing-age change proposals, Democrats are claiming they will do whatever it takes to restrict firearm purchases across the country.

ABC News reports former Vice President Joe Biden, former Obama administration Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker have all advocated for anti-gun policies.

These policies include outlawing some types of weapons, including the AR-15 and AK-47. They also include confiscations and gun buybacks.

Warren has specifically said she would ask Congress to do extensive research on the issue of guns.

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“Historically, when Congress works to address big national issues, we don’t simply pass one law and cross our fingers. Instead, we continue the research — into new policies and around the consequences of our existing policies — and then come back on a regular basis to update the law,” she said per the report. “We don’t do this with guns.”

“This ends when I’m president,” Warren added.

NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch responded to the report quipping Democrats who often claim gun purchases occur without a background check.

“That’s a lot of those background checks that anti-2A advocates say we don’t have,” she said.

Several other people online echoed her sentiments per Twitchy: