‘Who Does She Think She Is?’: Hillary’s Newest Trailer Looks A LOT Like A Campaign Reveal

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may still be looking to run the gauntlet with the third attempt in 2020. While she has repeatedly expressed that she has no interest in campaigning for her party’s nomination—and then to square-off in a rematch with President Trump—the release of her documentary trailer looks a lot like a campaign reveal.

“Who does she think she is? March 6,” Hulu tweeted with a trailer which shows both compliments and critiques of the former first lady.

The 1-minute trailer also includes a snapshot of Clinton’s political career, including her 2016 bid for the presidency and the controversy she endured as news of her husband’s sex scandal was made public.

Check it out:

This video, along with a new online Harris Poll survey from the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard University which said Clinton was leading current Democratic presidential candidates, had some people online claiming the former first lady may be considering a run for the 2020 presidency.

Here’s more on the poll, from Fox News:

The co-hosts of “The Five” could barely keep from laughing Tuesday as they reacted to a new poll showing Hillary Clinton as the front-runner in the 2020 Democratic presidential race.

“This is such foolishness, she is not in the race. This is a crazy poll,” co-host Juan Williams said. “This is a right-wing fantasy.”

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The online Harris Poll survey from the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard University shows Clinton leading a hypothetical Democratic field that includes former Secretary of State John Kerry. The poll shows Clinton with 21 percent support, followed by former Vice President Joe Biden with 20 percent and Sen. Bernie Sanders with 12 percent.

Co-host Jesse Watters posted that Clinton “enjoyed” overshadowing the Democratic nominees, prompting co-host Dana Perino to agree.

“Yeah, I mean, if you have a book coming out this time of year and you’re going to go on a book tour, then you definitely know what you’re doing,” Perino said.

Many others said they would be canceling their Hulu service before the documentary goes live.

Take a look at these responses, via Twitchy:


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